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golf and the qlinkThe QLink Pendant does 3 important things

  1. Gain the power of focus and concentration to improve your mental game.
  2. Reduce distractions more easily and get closer to that sweet spot called the Zone.
  3. Boost your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.

Today's golfer brings the stress and pressures of a 24/7 world into the game — including the residual effects of exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) from cell phones, computers and jet travel. These stressors can get in the way of a first-rate mental game, a vital weapon in a sport in which major pressure can crush even the greatest players.

The QLink is the premier tool for strengthening your mental focus, especially under pressure. Designed to boost resilience and resistance to the effects of stress, golfers are discovering its amazing power to improve their game.

Independent researchers have concluded that the QLink creates significant and positive effects. When viewed as a whole, the independent tests generate a comprehensive map of QLink enhanced resilience and resistance levels throughout the entire body when the body is exposed to stress, especially from EMF.

Simply worn around the neck, the QLink reinforces the relaxed state of concentration that brings you closer to hitting every shot in the Zone. In a more stress-free state, you can swing with more confidence and ease. You can eliminate distractions more easily. You can focus on your game more consistently and concentrate your best within every shot.

The QLink is not about golf mechanics. It's about you.

Experience the difference the QLink Pendant makes. Simply wear it every day.

Available in brushed or polished silver and gold and sporty black acrylic.

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